H2Technology Consortium


H2TC provides assistance in the preparation, implementation and consolidation of business strategies for Italian companies interested in operating in the US hydrogen ecosystem.

WE SUPPORT AND REPRESENT COMPANIES FROM start to finish, providing turnkey project development and implementation.

H2TECHNOLOGY lays its foundations on customized products and services and solid partnerships leading to a very pragmatic approach that helps Italian companies grow their business in the US by overcoming complex strategic, cultural and operational challenges.

Information Distribution

Systematic selection and distribution to members of targeted high added value information related to the hydrogen ecosystem.

  • Grants, public tenders and other Italian, EU and US available resources dedicated to internationalization projects and technological and commercial integration.
  • Market specifications, scenarios, facts & figures.
  • Events, trends, opportunities.
  • General and sector specific laws and regulations applicable to the North American market.

Market Analysis

Preliminary market analysis of the context and opportunities for the definition of targeted business development strategies to access new markets and consolidate a sustainable future presence. Subsequent and ongoing analysis of the business scenario and relations between the company and local market.

  • Analysis of the US hydrogen ecosystem and market, definition of the competitive landscape, development opportunities and business partnerships.
  • Verification of the market potential of specific products or services.
  • Feasibility analysis, hypothesis of commercial development and establishment of partnerships with other member companies, stakeholders and/or players in the USA.
  • Definition of import-export development scenarios.


H2TC intends to create a privileged area of interaction between American and European actors in the hydrogen ecosystem, enhancing both the opportunities external to H2TECHNOLOGY and the skills and abilities brought by the members within it through a series of targeted networking activities.

  • Networking between consortium members and local interlocutors (private and public).
  • Promotion and organization of promotional events and conferences.
  • Networking missions in the USA, strategic meetings with local stakeholders.
  • Promotion and support for the creation of pilot projects.
  • Identification and promotion of business opportunities for member companies.


Targeted support in the preparation and implementation phases of development strategies on US territory.
H2TECHNOLOGY has an internal team dedicated to internationalization. We accompany companies that intend to enter foreign markets in all phases: from preliminary market analysis, to strategic consultancy to operational support including the creation of commercial networks, opening of offices and building and establishing key international contacts.

  • Definition of a strategic intervention program.
    Identification of the most effective path to enter the market
  • Identification of key stakeholders.
  • Cost evaluation and ROI projections.
  • Formulation of scenarios and action tools.
  • Definition of a Human Resources plans.
  • Definition of a strategic communication plans.
  • Definition of the financial structure: debt, equity or mezzanine.
  • Identification, involvement and management of stakeholders.
  • Evaluation of investment scenarios, trading, prospects.
  • Legal and fiscal support.
  • Corporate aspects, partnership models and contexts.
  • Commercial aspects, contracts, transactions.
  • Administrative and fiscal issues.
  • Product certifications, authorizations and permits
  • Local and international transportation practices
    Plant set up.
  • Customs issues, authorizations and documents.
  • Human resources, team build up, relocation and mobility management.
  • Preliminary detailed planning.
  • Dedicated tools and support for project management and reporting.


To take part in the development of the American and global hydrogen ecosystem, it is necessary to operate in a timely, effective, functional manner ... H2TECHNOLOGY supports member companies in achieving these goals.