H2Technology Consortium


H2 TECHNOLOGY is an Italian initiative led by the CEOs of companies with a shared vision and a long-term ambition: that hydrogen will have a key role in the clean energy transition, that clean energy will lead to a more resilient future, that strengthening ties between the US and Europe will be a key for the success of hydrogen technologies in the next decade.

H2TECHNOLOGY Consortium:

  • H2 TECHNOLOGY is based in the United States, in Houston (Texas). We are the sum of professionals and companies with decades of experience in concrete projects, organizational consultancy and business enterprise in the American productive ecosystem.
  • H2 TECHNOLOGY is a qualified partner of small, medium and large Italian and European companies that are specialized in the design, testing and development of technologies and services related to the hydrogen sector. We promote and consolidate win-win partnerships for our Italian and European clients with US companies and stakeholders.
  • In addition to the experience and network of our staff, we contribute to the enhancement of the skills of our member companies through a network of selected external consultants.

Houston, Texas headquarters

We are proud to facilitate the global transition to a more sustainable energy economy, enabling long-term prosperity.


H2TECHNOLOGY Consortium was born thanks to a group of companies that have a network of private, public and social connections that are useful and particularly well positioned to connect the American and Italian business landscapes.

With offices in the United States and Italy, and a network of partners in more than 30 countries, we have been providing services for over 20 years: we provide management and strategic consulting, technical skills and the resources needed to develop the business activities of our Italian customers in North America and the world.

A member of the Italian- American Chamber of Commerce in Texas:



CTA S.p.A. is one of the largest international suppliers of stainless steel, alloy steel and carbon steel pipes, with a handling capacity of around 200,000 tons per year. CTA S.p.A. group has headquartiers in Italy – Grugliasco (TO) and offices and assets in Milan, Genoa, Paris, Madrid as well as in Spain, Poland, Hong Kong and Kazakhstan.

Authorized distributor:


A member of the Italian hydrogen and fuel cells association:


The Consortium is chaired by 5 “Directors” representing the founding members:

Specialized in national and international sales, marketing and logistics with extensive experience in foreign and domestic business management, relations, development and mediations in the oil & gas, mining, construction and technology sectors. Treasurer for Italy-America Chamber of Commerce of Texas, Inc.

Paolo Valente Houston, Texas - USA

C.E.O. of the CTA Group of companies. Bachelor degree on Economics at Università di Torino. Managing Director of CTA since early 2000, he led the growth from regional distribution company to international group. Married with Francesca, has one son. Football addicted and practitioner, he likes also biking.

Marco Pollastrini Turin, Italy

An expert International Business Developer, specialized in market analysis and business processes reorganization. Focusses on innovative strategic business growth, internationalization processes and market expansion providing entrepreneurs with resources, investors, strategic partners and a network of customers. Ski addicted and practitioner, he likes also volleyball and football.

Fabio Malfarà Turin, Italy

Master in International Trade Law, with an extensive experience in project and business management & relations. Startup co-founder. Since 2008 active in the renewable energy sector. Listed as expert by the EU Commission.

Marcello Corongiu Turin, Italy

Dario Pasqualini, 1970, Quality, Projects and R&D director at the CTA Group. Technician with artistic background, he co-founded EITI (European Institute of Technical Insoection) together with the CTA Group. Married with Elena, has 2 daughters. He likes drawing, design and (slow) biking.

Dario Pasqualini Turin, Italy